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Kailpoud Festival Coorg

Kailpodh , the harvesting festival is the occasion for the Kodavas ( native of coorg ) to feast after engaging in tough labour of the ploughing , sowing and also transplanting of rice . It is certainly one of the major festivals in kodava calender . Kailpold festival is famously celebrated through the last part of the paddy sowing . Kail would mean tool or armory and Pold means worship . The festival additionally suggests the event that guys must get ready to protect their crops from wild boars and other animals . Therefore , on the Kailpoldu day , the weaponry are pulled out of the Pooja area , cleansed and pooja is offered . After a event which requires cleansing and blessing all the farming tools employed by the family , along with all the tools , families sit down to a extensive meal , the main item on the meal being pork curry and kadambuttu .