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Kaveri Sankramana Festival Coorg

Kaveri Sankramana festival will take place in mid-October which is certainly one of the popular and holy festivals of the Kodavas. Kaveri Sankramana is prominently celebrated at Talakaveri the starting point location of river Kaveri . On Kaveri Sankramana event a fountain from a tiny tank fills in the sacred water tank at Talakaveri . Individuals from throughout the state assemble at this spot to plunge on this sacred water or Theertha . The Theertha is gathered in bottles and also gets to every single house throughout Coorg . This Theertha is conserved in most Kodava homes . A spoonful of this water is fed to the passing away , in the belief that they may obtain moksha and gain admission to heaven .


Only vegetarian meals are prepared on this day , and this is the only festival among the Kodavas in which only vegetarian foods are prepared and offered . On this day , wedded ladies donning brand new silk saris conduct puja to a vegetable , symbolising the goddess Kaveri . The aged members of the family ceremonially bless the younger . Then an elderly married lady gets water from the well and will begin cooking .